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import openrouteservice coords = ((104.06318, 30.77571), (104.17279, 30.65768)) client = openrouteservice.Client(base_url='http://localhost:8080/ors') routes = client.directions(coords) The code produces this trace The documentation in the ORS Github repo should generally be enough (provided you learn docker(-compose) a little bit). If not, things could probably be improved in the documentation, but then you'll have to give the exact pain points, Vroom is here: GitHub VROOM-Project/vroom-docker. Docker image for vroom and vroom-express. Contribute to VROOM-Project/vroom-docker development by creating an account on GitHub We recommend using Docker to install and launch the openrouteservice backend. Either pull your desired image from Dockerhub or build your own from this repository. Note, you'll have to uncomment the build section when building the image from source Install and run openrouteservice with docker Volumes. There are some important directories one might want to preserve on the host machine, to survive container... Environment variables. BUILD_GRAPHS: Forces ORS to rebuild the routings graph (s) when set to True. Specify either... Build. Docker Problems - openrouteservice - openrouteservice. Hi guys, i got a Problem i set up docker. Following the instructions and replacing the .osm file with the germany-latest.osm.pbf from Geofabrik. Now here is my Problem tomcat is running i get an answer at http://localho&hellip

I managed to get it to work using those exact commands (for a specific osm file) # With heidelberg.osm.gz git clone https://github.com/GIScience/openrouteservice.git cd openrouteservice/ cd docker/ docker-compose up -d # Wait a moment until app ready with http://localhost:8080/ors/health # Test with. Openrouteservice is maintained by Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology (HeiGIT) group and is supported by the Klaus Tschira Foundation (KTS) Heidelberg. It is part of the GIScience Research Group at the Department of Geography, within the University of Heidelberg. Its objective is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology from academia to practical applications and professional services. The focus lies on the analysis, refinement, enrichment and usage of big. Browse other questions tagged python openstreetmap openrouteservice or ask your own question. The Overflow Blog Strangeworks is on a mission to make quantum computing easywell, easie We recommend using Docker to install and launch the openrouteservice backend. Either pull your desired image from Dockerhub or build your own from this repository. Note, you'll have to uncomment the build section when building the image from source. cd docker && docker-compose up For more details, check the docker installation guide

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